Top 5 iPhone Apps for TV and Movie Lovers

Apps1When cellular phones became popular among the masses, the idea of playing short video clips on small flip-phone screens was something of a novelty. Then came the smartphone revolution and with it the technology and image quality that allowed for adequate TV and movie viewing on the device. Yes, these days many people are watching their favorite shows and movies right from their handhelds – and loving every moment of it. Of course, once this trend became the norm, it was only a matter of time before the mobile-app makers jumped on the bandwagon. And since Apple is the king of apps, there are more options than ever before for TV and film junkies to view their favorite content right from their iPhone or iPad. Here are just a few of the top options. WatchESPN — free Amid the collective groan of wives and girlfriends everywhere, sports junkies now have a mobile way to watch their favorite ESPN shows and receive live sports updates. WatchESPN is an app that offers live, 24/7 streaming from the ESPN cable network as well as its ancillary channels. As long as users have subscribed to these channels through their cable provider, they can get free access to all content via their iPhone. Netflix – free w/ subscription service Netflix has done more to revolutionize streaming of TV shows and movies than most other sites around. Therefore it is no wonder they’ve got a must-have mobile app as well. The Netflix app allows users to stream and view their favorite shows and movies the same way they would on the site – and the library of content is ever growing. AMC Mobile – free These days, AMC seems to have the market cornered on popular shows, so much so that many people often bypass HBO in favor of the home of “Mad Men,” “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad.” True, this app doesn’t offer full seasons for viewing – and many users frown on the fact their new content is available for limited durations – but it does offer many full episodes as well as fun content like behind-the-scenes vids, sneak peaks and interviews. HBO GO – free w/ subscription service This app allows those who subscribe to HBO to view its movies and original programming via their iPhone. It offers all of their current programming as well as a whole library of past favorites such as “Sex and the City” and “The Sopranos.” All of HBO’s sports programming is available through the app as well. Daily Motion — free This app is available for free in the App Store and is basically a clip provider. Users can view videos aggregated from all over the world and share them with friends and family. And while this app isn’t geared for long-form content, it is an effective way for iPhone owners to watch short films, music videos and movie trailers. It even offers 15 different channels that offer different genres of content, from politics and news to music and film.   These are just a few options that should sate the hunger of even the most rabid of TV and movie fans. With even just a few of these apps installed on their iOS device, mobile users should never be at a loss for their favorite programming. Charlie Peyton works in the TV industry. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on TV in general and the technology behind it for a range of blogs. Call or click 1-877-505-3198 to find out about getting Direct TV.