It’s National Selfie Day! A Look At The Top Five Most Famous Selfies

(PCM) Anymore it seems like we could be celebrating National Selfie Day everyday just judging by the sheer number of them that are posted on various social media platforms all day, every day. There is no doubt that the invention of the #selfie has forever changed the landscape of pop culture and photography.

Many feel that posting too many selfies has turned us into a much more narcissistic society, while others have the opinion that they all in good fun.  However, researchers who have studied the selfie phenomenon have some bad news for all the selfie lovers out there, as they claim studies show the popular pose actually makes people appear less attractive. When asked to compare a selfie photo and one taken by another individual, people who viewed the selfie image found the subjects to be less likeable and more narcissistic,in addition to being less attractive.  Try telling that to the Kardashian family, the reigning Queen’s of the selfie kingdom.

Either way, the selfie is certainly here to stay and to celebrate #NationalSelfieDay, we are including a look at the five most famous selfies of all time:

  1. The Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

    This selfie, taken at the 2014 Academy Awards featuring various A-list celebrities, quickly became the most retweeted Tweet of all time!

  2. The Pope Francis Selfie

    This selfie proves that Pope Francis is one of the more progressive Pope’s, as you can see he was a willing participant in the selfie.

  3. The Naked Kim Kardashian Selfie

    There was no way the reigning queen of selfies would fail to make this list.

  4. The Beyonce Photobomb Selfie
    Beyonce masters the perfect photobomb on a fan who was snapping an image during her concert!  Winning, all the way around!
  5. The Kelly Nash baseball selfie

    Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened.

    A photo posted by live in love (@kellynash) on

    That moment when reporter Kelly Nash is about to get knocked out by a flying baseball.

And for good measure we have to throw a nod to the first recorded “selfie” in history taken by Robert Cornelius snapped in 1839:


How will you celebrate #NationalSelfieDay?