YouTube Has Revealed The Top Viral Video For 2014


(PCM) The viral video craze is still running rampant and it seems that each year the number of views on these videos continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The internet’s largest video sharing web site YouTube has revealed a top ten list of the most viral videos of the year. Can you guess which video claimed the number one spot? With over 115 million views the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” has nabbed the number one spot for the most viral video of 2014. In the video strangers are pranked by Polish actor and director S.A. Wardego when he dressed up his dog Chica in a giant spider costume. The reactions are pretty hilarious. Coming in second place with over 99 million views is the Nike Football commercial titled “Winner Stays” featuring Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. You can check out the full list below: