Young People Very Likely To Try New Products Endorsed By YouTube Stars

(PCM) Recently, a study was conducted by Defy Media, who run a multi-channel network on YouTube, that surveyed consumers aged 13 to 24 to find out just how much influence their viewing habits on YouTube have on their everyday lives and how they relate to YouTube stars.


The company chose the 13 to 24 year old age range because they are the demographic that view approximately 11.3 hours of free online video per week compared to just a measly 8.3 hours of traditional broadcast television.  According to, the survey panelists said that they viewed online video because it catered more directly to their interests.  A whopping 69% of those surveyed claimed that digital creators provided them with the content they want and 67% said that they were easily able to find content that they could relate to online. These numbers were much higher than that of traditional broadcast television. It truly appears that this particular age demographic is much more highly influenced by new media stars online rather than traditional media, as they find these individuals to be easier to relate to and much more authentic. According to Defy Media’s survey the participants even felt like there was more of a chance that they could actually have the opportunity to be a YouTube celebrity if given the opportunity. The study went on to show that 63% of the survey participants said that they would be willing to purchase a product that was endorsed by a YouTube celebrity, while on 48% said they would do the same for a traditional media personality. The numbers certainly don’t lie!  You can see more of Defy Media’s fascinating study by visiting them online.