Young Girl Puts Disney’s Gaston In His Place


(PCM) An adorable video of a young girl confronting the character of Gaston from Disney’s “Beauty and The Beast” has gone viral. The encounter took place at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The young lady in the video named Isabella marched up and confronted the very chauvinistic character of Gaston saying that her favorite character from “Beauty And The Beast” is Beast and that Gaston stood no chance of ever getting to marry Belle. The person dressed as Gaston hilariously played along with Isabella and said he was indeed going to marry Belle, to which Isabella responded “The Beast is gonna beat you!”. Gaston went back and forth with little Isabella playing along with the sexist role of his character saying things like “No more thinking for you, you’ve done enough of that” and “somebody get this girl back to the kitchen”. Isabella reveals to Gaston that Beast is really a prince and it is then that Gaston finally admits defeat to this snarky young lady. The video was uploaded back in early November with the permission of Isabella’s mother and has since be viewed over 3 million times.