You Can Now Have Your Face 3D Printed On A Custom Lego Figure


(PCM) These days 3D printing various objects is all the rage, however did you know that you can now have your likeness custom 3D-printed on a Lego Minifigure? Seriously, haven’t we all dreamt about becoming an action figure once or twice? The Etsy seller Funky 3D Faces has you covered, as they have found a way to create a custom Lego minifigures that take on the likeness of actual human beings. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is send them two clear photographs, one side profile snap and one taken head-on. They are then able to take those photos and convert them into a 3D head for the Lego figure. They appear so lifelike it is actually a tiny bit creepy! The heads measure a little over half an inch tall and can fit on any Lego minifig body, so you can swap out bodies with various figures anytime you choose. The price of about $30 only includes crafting the head and you must then provide your own Lego minfig body. Not only does Funky 3D Faces print custom 3D-printed Lego heads, they also offer face magnets and custom Lego wedding cake toppers. Go ahead and take our money now!