Yes, Lego Professor Is A Real Job Title, At Least At Cambridge University!


(PCM) The University of Cambridge has quite the job offer for Lego enthusiasts with high aspirations. The University has received approximately a $2.3 million dollar grant from the Lego Foundation to build a research center at the University, as well as, get this! ¬†Another $2.3 million dollars to hire a “Lego professor” to lead the entire project. Talk about a dream job for Lego fans! The Lego Foundation has been working very closely with the University of Cambridge for the last 10 years on several research projects associated with children’s play activities.¬†The center will be dedicated to “play in education, development and learning.” Plans for the new center are still currently being finalized, but as for right now it appears that according to official documents from the University that the “Lego professor” is a truly a real job title and they plan to be hiring for the position very soon. .