WWE’s Triple H Breaks Character To Console A Crying Young Fan Ringside


(PCM) It is incredibly rare that fans ever get the chance to witness any of their favorite WWE wrestlers break character, especially in the middle of a match, when that wrestler happens to be one of the biggest heels in the current story-line. That is why it was shocking when fans in attendance for a recent WWE RAW show says Triple H completely break character and console a young fan who he saw sobbing in the front row. ¬†As the current story line goes, 13-time World Champion Triple H is currently the bad boy leader and evil COO of an organization called The Authority. During the evenings main event which was a handicap match between John Cena, Shawn Rollin, Kane and The Big Show, Triple H noticed the young fan in tears and shockingly completely broke character and leaned over the barrier, patted the boy on the head and apologized. The moment was captured by many fans and was immediately posted on various social media channels. It was also revealed that Triple H’s wife in real life and on RAW, Stephanie McMahon also broke character to speak to the young boy as well. Photos show Triple H smiling at the boy and consoling him in hopes of cheering him up. Later that evening, after the taping of RAW, security was seen escorting the young boy and his father toward the backstage area where we are sure he got to meet many of his favorite WWE superstars. We certainly have a ton of respect for the way that Triple H handled the situation and it was wonderful that he was able to share such a touching and memorable moment with a young fan, who will now surely become a fan for life.