WTH? News: Woman Sues Airline for Lizard Found In Her Food!

No, it didn’t look like that. (At least, we hope not) LatinTRENDS Magazine has a very interesting story on their website. Peep it out: In 2003, Monserrate Luna boarded a flight in NYC headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico. When she bit into her chicken meal, she says, there was a lizard in it. She sued. Luna is suing American Airlines for $15 million, saying that her delicious airline chicken dinner contained a lizard, which she bit into, and then became sick and dizzy. The airline denies that—American’s lawyer told the New York Post “there may have been some feathers, or what looked like feathers… but there was no lizard.” (?!?! WHAT?!?! FEATHERS are preferable?!) So what happens when you find yourself locked in a legal battle with an airline for putting a lizard in your dinner? (After eight years, the trial is finally underway in Manhattan federal court.) For one thing, you get to sit through a deposition with the airline’s lawyer, in which you are absolutely grilled over issues such as:
  • The exact size of the bit-size chicken pieces in your chicken dinner, and what, if any, flavorings were included on those chicken pieces.
  • The exact size of the green beans in your chicken dinner.
  • The reasons behind your allergy to pepper.
  • The exact circumstances of your post-lizard airplane bathroom vomit.
  • Whether or not you have “gone through the menstrual change.”
And much more! FOR THE RECORD — not that this matters, necessarily — but The Christian Science Monitor reports that barbecued iguana is, indeed, a delicacy in El Salvador. And of course, there’s always the classic Wall of Voodoo song