Could This Be The World’s Worst Pregnancy Test Ad?

(PCM) There is appears to be one rather large issue with this particular Dutch pregnancy advertisement and the internet is losing its’ mind! Can you see what the issue is below?

This woman is obviously very much pregnant and generally, aren’t you supposed to take a pregnancy test before you would be showing that much? The look of shock on their faces is just too much! Folks on Twitter have been having too much fun with the add with some saying that the couple appear shocked because the test result says “negative” or that maybe she just swallowed an entire bowling ball!

The folks at Adweek, reached out to the designers of the now viral pregnancy test ad and they claim “Since Predictor is 99.9 percent accurate, you’d rather depend on the test than your belly” as their ridiculous meaning for the ad.  The original billboard ad was initially created back in 2011 and it’s designers can not believe that it has now gone viral a full six years later. That’s the way the internet works sometimes!