World Peace Day Urges Us To Be Kind To Others


(PCM) As always, World Peace Day falls on November 17th and the holiday was created to encourage us to be kind to others, as well as, teach others to be peaceful. World Peace Day was started as a grassroots effort by Don Morris of Miami, Florida back in 1997. Morris believes that World Peace starts with us as individuals and we can all play a role in making the world a better place. If everyone acted out on this issue then perhaps the issues of war and strife would become obsolete. On World Peace Day, drivers are asked to drive with their headlights on as a public demonstration for peace. People can also fold origami cranes and place them around your city or town to spread the message of World Peace on this day. You can learn more about World Peace Day, as well as, read Morris’ “Peaceguy’s Prayer” by visiting the World Peace Day official website.