Woman Forced to Sit Next to Corpse For 10-Hour Flight

Umm…What?! As if traveling weren’t a nightmare enough, now passengers have to face the possibility of sitting next to dead people for hours – and let’s face it, those economy seats are not exactly roomy. A Swedish woman was forced to sit across the aisle from a dead man on a 10-hour flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania. The man was alive when he boarded the plane, but began sweating and suffering convulsions while at the gate in Amsterdam. The plane still took off, and before long, the man was dead. “I asked to move, but they said there were no other places,”  Lena Pettersson told a Swedish radio program. Pettersson says she complained to the airline and was compensated with a refund of half of her $1400 ticket. She believes the sum was “reasonable.” What would you do?