Woman Fancies Herself As The Wife Of Charles Manson


(PCM) CNN recently published a feature that provided an depth look at a 25 year old woman by the name of Afton Burton, or rather Star after she legally changed her name, who considers herself the wife of convicted killer Charles Manson. Burton was just sixteen years old when she discovered Charles Manson living in Illinois with her parents. She has since moved to Corcoran, CA to be near the penitentiary where Manson is incarcerated serving a life sentence and claims that the paperwork has already been filed for the pair to be legally wed. Burton spent years writing letters and speaking by phone to Manson and now that she is living nearby she visits with him in person at least once a week and they speak by phone everyday. Burton revealed to CNN that she was first attracted to Manson after reading about his environmental philosophy, ATWA, which stands for air, trees, water, and animals. She claims that is refers to live on this planet, as Earth is a rock and everything else on it is ATWA. Burton says she understands that people find her to be crazy to be in love with a man like Manson, however she doesn’t care what people think and that the man she knows is not at all how he is depicted in the various movies, documentaries, TV shows and books that have been made about his life. She claims he is “not manipulative at all”. Burton spends her days painting and taking care of the updating on Manson’s various social media networks, which includes Mansondirect.com, as well as, running his non-profit ATWA. Many people believe she is being manipulated by Manson and that ATWA is just a ploy to get other young people like Burton to give him some attention. We also have to note that through further research is seems that Burton is actually employed by McDonald’s of all places as her paying job, which seems a bit hypocritical since the company has been accused as being one of the nation’s top polluters for roadside trash and incredibly unhealthy processed food.


Manson will turn 80 this November and Burton claims that he is in good health and currently only cares about manipulating people into taking care of the Earth.