Will McDonald’s Be Forced to Pay Up Over Coffee – Again?

More coffee drama for McDonald’s! Remember back in 1994 when a woman sued the fast food chain for ordering a hot coffee and then burned herself because the coffee was…hot? Well, it’s happening again. In fact, two new coffee-related lawsuits were filed against McDonald’s on the same day! One case was filed because a 4-year-old girl was given hot coffee to give to her grandmother and the lid slid off and burned her. They are asking $4 million because the little girl suffered second degree burns, not to mention giving hot coffee to children is against their policy. The other case was filed because a 35-year-old spilled hot coffee on her thighs and abdomen, leading to “horrific” burns. How many more warnings can McDonald’s put on their labels?! It’s one thing when it comes to children, but a 35-year-old sueing over spilled coffee? That’s so 1990s!