Will Ewe Marry Me, Deer?

A Valentine’s wedding is scheduled for a ram and a deer in a south-western China zoo. That’s right, a ram and a deer. Changmao, the ram, and Chunzi, the doe, are set to be married at Yunnan Provincial Wildlife Park in Kunming City on Valentine’s Day. Both will be dressed in traditional wedding attire. The park will issue tickets to the event. The pair “met” in 2009, when they were raised together because they were both herbivores. Chunzi, which means pure, was a yearling, and Changmao, which means long hair, was a lamb. He soon started following her around. They were often affectionate with each other, with Chunzi licking his fur, and Chungmao chasing off any deer suitors. The couple was forcibly separated last year, after Changmao was unfaithful, and fathered a baby lamb with the zoo’s only female sheep. Attempts to unite the family were unsuccessful, when the ram became violent towards the lamb and the ewe. Chunzi kept trying to force her way through a fence to see him. Zoo officials gave up, and reunited the pair. It just goes to show, when it’s true love, nothing can keep people…or animals apart.