Wigging Out!

The Boston Herald has a VERY interesting story this morning… “A Lynn couple got tangled in a hairy situation when the cops showed up at their basement apartment after the woman went after her husband with a 15-inch knife when he wouldn’t help her tame her tresses, according to the police version of events. The couple has kissed and made up. But while Kaukauna Y. Gethers Rudolph, 51, admits she had a bad hair day, she insisted yesterday she’d never ask her husband to do her hair, no matter what police say. “Men do not know how to do a woman’s hair,” she said. “Would you trust your husband to do your hair?” Kaukauna admits the big to-do started early Saturday as she sat on her bed, taking out her old hair weave. Her plan, she said, was to color her short, graying locks with Revlon jet black hair dye and put in her new hair weaves, which she had recently picked up on sale for $3 a piece at a nearby beauty supply store. As she removed the old weaves, she asked her hubby, Kenneth “Kenny” Rudolph, 48, to fix her some food so she could finish the tedious task. “I was getting sort of hungry,” she said. He had other plans. Kenny said he didn’t feel like cooking and wanted to go out. Kaukauna said he was “tipsy” and she didn’t want him to leave. A bitter argument erupted. Kenny, apparently alarmed, dialed 911. Meanwhile, Kaukauna claims she went into the kitchen to start cooking. Hence the big knife that was in her hands when the cops showed up. Police say they heard yelling inside. Kenny answered the door and said his wife “came at me with a knife” and it’s “all about her asking me to help do her hair and I don’t do hair,” according to a police report. Kaukauna, police said, had her knife behind her back. When a cop reached for it, she tried to shove it down her shorts. She pleaded not guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest. Last night, Kaukauna wore a wig over her undone mane. Her new “Sassy Collection” hair pieces — black with red highlights — remained in their packages.”