Whovians Rejoice: Guess WHO Will Be Carrying the Olympic Torch?

UPDATED STORY- The 2012 Olympics in London are really playing for the Doctor Who fans. According to the official Doctor Who twitter, a certain doctor will be carrying the Olympic torch in Cardiff on Saturday. David Tennant, the last actor who acted as the face for Doctor Who, was rumored to carry the torch to pay tribute to an episode of the show where he did the same, but it turns out the CURRENT Doctor, Matt Smith will do the run. Prior WOPC sources said that Mr. Tennant was carrying the torch. The 2012 London Olympic officials have received numerous petitions and emails from Whovians (fans of Doctor Who) before the official Twitter announced his running today had been approved. The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games is on Friday, July¬†27, 2012.