Who is the New Batman Villain?

Little by little, information has been leaking out about the supposed final installment in the Batman franchise, Dark Knight Rises. Although, there is one fact no one can get confirmation on. Who will be the next villain? Casting roles were recently announced, with Anne Hathaway snagging the coveted role of Catwoman and Tom Hardy appearing as Bane. Another Inception star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been casted for an unknown role. Does this mean Levitt is the new villain, but which one? Gary Oldman aka Commissioner Gordon, told E! Online that “It’s not going to be the Joker. For me, Heath was the definitive Joker,” he said. “It wouldn’t feel appropriate to readdress that character.” We couldn’t agree more! Through tight lips Oldman did say he thinks the new villain is “from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics.” Interesting? Any guesses?