What Part of The Game is THIS?!

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Tattoo. On his face. Everyone’s talking about it…now see it happen in real time courtesy of our friends at The Source. I realize I haven’t been working in the hip-hop field for as long as, say, someone like Ozone Magazine publisher Julia Beverly (shout-out to the queen!), but can someone PLEASE tell me WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THIS?! So that’s how it goes down in these streets, brah? This is how they do it in the hood, son? Even the tattoo artist is looking at the camera, saying — with his eyes — “Don’t blame ME for this mess! I JUST WORK HERE!” In other, TOTALLY UNRELATED NEWS (*snark*), the rapper is also currently undergoing mental competency tests. As far as I’m concerned, this is how you know if you have REAL homies in your entourage, or you just have a bunch of yes-men. Because REAL homies don’t let their homie get a tattoo…of an ice cream cone…ON HIS FACE. Behold, the creation of a masterpiece. Reminiscent of Leonardo painting the Sistine Chapel, isn’t it? *snark*