What Celebrity Found Kathy Griffin’s Missing Dog?

Early Friday morning comedic sensation Kathy Griffin took to Twitter to announce that her beloved pet went missing. The yellow Labrador retriever that she adopted and named Larry was nowhere to be found. It helps to have neighbors that you know, and that everyone else knows. Harold & Kumar’s Kal Penn was the savior on Friday when he found the pooch around town. Talk about having the right connections. According to E! Online, Kathy Griffin tweeted to him, “Hey @KalPenn. Thank you! You are a fine man and I appreciate u taking care of my friend. XXOO, KG.” Penn responded with, “Man, you get a shout out from @kathygriffin & your feed becomes a lovefest. Thanks guys! Larry the dog was totally adorable in real life.”
Kathy is happy, Penn got his lovefest, and Larry is safe! Now that’s a fabulous Friday.