Welcome To The Super Mario Bros Corn Maze In New York!


(PCM) A large farm in upstate New York has created quite an elaborate new corn maze and while corn mazes themselves are pretty awesome, the fact that this one depicts characters from the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, makes it even better. We seriously have to check this one out! The farm located in Newark Valley shared an impressive aerial shot of the maze where you can clearly see the faces of beloved characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and of course Yoshi. We can’t even imagine the amount of hours it must have taken them to craft something so detailed. Elaborate corn mazes are nothing new for the Stoughton Farm, as they have been putting together theme mazes since 2005.  Owner Tim Stoughton claims that his wife Deb decides on each year’s theme and picked Super Mario Bros because it is a staple of pop culture and has characters that nearly everyone will immediately recognize. The farm uses grid patterns to lay out the images and place them down early in the season before the corn is too tall to see over, once the corn grows up around the grid the amazing images/maze paths are created. Fascinating!