Weird but True News: “Cleaning Fairy” Breaks into Ohio Home, Cleans House, Leaves Bill

In terms of the strange & unusual, this definitely qualifies. Sherry Bush (seen above), who lives in a small town of Ohio called Westlake, recently was the victim of a very interesting break-in. The criminal, Sue Warren, broke into her house, did some light cleaning…and then left a bill. As was reported by the local NBC affiliate in Ohio, this wasn’t the first time Mrs. Bush’s house had been subject to the drive-by cleaning: last week, while she was away and her daughter was sleeping upstairs, someone broke in the house, took out trash, vacuumed the carpet and cleaned up the playroom. (Needless to say, Warren left a bill for $75). Warren’s cleaning company, Sue Warren Cleaning, can be found online. The worst part? Bush wasn’t happy with the service! “Now that we’ve seen the job that she did, it was like whoa, $75? $15, maybe,” Bush said, laughing. No charges have been filed against Warren as of this writing, but they may still come.