Weather And More Lead To This Year’s Super Bowl Tickets Being Cheaper Than Ever

Super-Bowl1(PCM) The weather for Sunday’s Super Bowl in New Jersey is without a doubt going to be a cold one with temperatures only rising to the high 30’s during the big game. Ticket brokers are partially blaming the weather for the reason that Super Bowl tickets prices have been dropping significantly for this year’s game. They are also claiming that the two teams, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, are just not huge drawing teams. Not that each team does not have it’s dedicated fans, but neither team has absolutely huge fan bases like we have seen in years past. While the game has been sold-out for months, the only way to obtain tickets now is to go through a ticket brokering website or NFL’s official resale site, and the prices on those sites are far lower than we have seen for Super Bowl tickets in the past. When checking out a few of the resale sites, there were still tons of tickets available for the nose-bleed, or upper-deck level of MetLife Stadium going for about $1,500.00 a piece. That is ridiculously low considering tickets for past Super Bowls have resold for close to $3,000.00 a piece. The number has dropped by nearly half this year.