We Double Dog Dare You To Celebrate Dare Day!


(PCM) June 1st is Dare Day, so if you have been holding out on daring someone (or yourself) to do something, today is the day to dare away. The actual origins of Dare Day are a bit unclear, however it appears that Dare Day is not only celebrated here in The States, but also in parts of Europe as well. It appears that Dare Day was first recognized in Dare County, England, where there is a huge celebration held every June 1st. Many people celebrate Dare Day by challenging or “daring” themselves to try something new or different. For those individuals that already showcase the daredevil spirit, it is a time to relish in those qualities and proceed through this day with zero hesitations. We double dog dare you to do something interesting and fun today! Let us know how you plan to celebrate Dare Day this year!