Want To Work For The Queen Of England?

queen-clock1(PCM) The Queen is on the lookout for someone to fill quite the odd job! For a nice salary of just over $50,000 per year, you can apply for the job of winding all of the Queen’s more than 1,000 clocks in Buckingham Palace. The job announcement was posted on the Queen’s official website that they are seeking a Royal Horological Conservator ( I think I just learned a new word there) and that the job would be primarily at Buckingham Palace however the person would be required to travel to┬áThe Palace of Holyroodhouse, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and Balmoral. Main duties include ensuring that all the clocks are wound and set to accurate times, primarily during the time changes in October and March…sounds easy enough right? The proper applicant must be experienced in working with hand and machine tools and be able to strip and clean mechanisms, as well as, make new parts. Not sure about the whole mechanics part of the job, but as far as winding the clocks sign me up! I’m sure the benefits package rocks and how cool would it be to say Royal Horological Conservator everyday when asked for your job title! Not a bad gig at all!