Want to Take Home Balloon Boy’s Balloon?

Remember back in 2009 when the Heene family claimed their six-year-old little boy had floated away in a homemade silver helium balloon only later to be found hiding in their garage attic? Well that same family, husband Richard and wife Mayumi, is now trying to sell the UFO-reminiscent balloon for $1 million in order to raise money for the Japanese tsunami relief charities. California lawyer Perry Rausher is also involved with the effort and will be the one to handle the winning bid via a trust account. As stated on their website, the Heene family will receive nothing from the sale. All money earned will go straight to charities benefiting Japanese tsunami relief. Those who are interested in owning the balloon that sparked one of the most recognized hoaxes of the 21st century can place their bids, in a private auction ending June 7th on www.balloonboyflyingsaucer.com. It was October 15th, 2009, that the Heenes put the nation on alert, including two helicopters from the National Guard, when they claimed their son Falcon had floated away. After discovering Falcon hidden in the attic, officials soon became suspicious that this was indeed a hoax done by the parents to gain publicity. As a result of their actions, Richard Heene was fined $36,000 and sentenced to a 90-day jail term after pleading guilty to attempting to influence authorities. Mayumi Heene was sentenced to a 20-day jail term for filing a false report.