Walter White And Rick Grimes Go Head To Head On The Latest Installment Of “Epic Rap Battle Of History”


(PCM) It has finally happened!  Two of television’s most beloved characters Walter White from “Breaking Bad” and Rick Grimes of “The Walking Dead” are dueling it out for the latest installment of the popular YouTube series “Epic Rap Battles Of History”. One could say that this is the AMC network edition of “ERB”! ERB creators Nicepeter and EpicLloyd star in the episode, with Peter portraying Breaking Bad‘s meth-cooking teacher and Lloyd nailing the role of The Walking Dead‘s Southern sheriff.

The “ERB” YouTube channel boasts over 9 million subscribers and only continues to grow. The latest video, Walter White vs. Rick Grimes has received nearly 3 million viewers and close to 40,000 comments. New installements of “ERB” will be released on a bi-weekly basis over the next two months! We can’t wait to see what they take on next. Who do you think won this battle? Walter White or Rick Grimes?