Virtual Reality: Hype or Disruptive Technology

By: Jordan Gregory YHP-Gregory1It is official; I declare 2016 the year of the nerd. We now dominate the world! In the modern age of technology, everyone is always looking for the next cool app, viral video or brand new tech gadget coveted by the masses. The next big thing: Virtual Reality or VR for short. This technology is about to hit the scene in a massive way! When I say those two magic words, most people hear “The Matrix.” Now you might be picturing a future where humanity has been enslaved by a society of advanced robotic AI programs. I guarantee you this will not be the case, for now, when Oculus Rift rolls out their cutting edge headset in March. Samsung released their Gear VR Headset before Christmas and it did sell out. Most of my friends start foaming at the mouth when they talk about video gaming in a virtual reality environment. It is exciting to think that one day soon I will become fully immersed in a massive world like Skyrim or take up the mantle of an Assassin working against Abstergo Industries. As a gamer, I fully understand the berserker state that people are going into just to get their hands on a device. While the mass adoption rate of VR in the short-term remains unknown, the long-term prospects point to it becoming an essential household device. Virtual Reality will change how we conduct our lives much like the invention of the computer or the smartphone. There is no part of society that will be left untouched by this technological leap. Pioneers have already started working on applications in the field of education, storytelling, travel, manufacturing, architecture, real estate, therapy, adult entertainment and so much more. Advances in medical education and training could speed up the learning process. As a medical student, you can learn and practice in a virtual environment, adjusting parameters, circumstances and injuries. This could save lives because of the access to new training tools. Planning on attending a college, but not sure which one to pick? YouVisit has made it possible to tour colleges in Virtual Reality, without ever leaving your house. Feeling adventurous? Thanks to YouVisit, stopping for a quick tour of Machu Picchu and jumping over to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Russia is as easy as putting on a headset. Relocating for a job is a common occurrence these days requiring multiple trips to your future home to explore the area and research your real estate options. Soon you’ll be able to explore a new city and potential homes virtually. You may even purchase a home before you setting a physical foot in the house. Imagine all the time you will save on traveling. Trust me, you need every minute for packing up your belongings. There are many undiscovered applications for this new technology. It remains to be seen how consumers will adopt and use the medium. What I find most thrilling is the idea that people are out there pushing the boundaries of what it means to experience VR. Take notice now, because the world will look completely different in the next 10 to 15 years. About Your Hollywood Pro: Your Hollywood Pro was founded in 2013 by co-founders Jordan Gregory and John C. Hall. This Los Angeles based service is catered to the needs of the emerging creative and executive communities. The Your Hollywood Pro website serves developing entertainment professionals by connecting them to a diverse group of well-established seasoned executives and successful industry veterans. Their Pros are able to provide advice on-demand, either in-person, online or over the phone. Your Hollywood Pro provides emerging talent in front of and behind the camera with key information on the ever evolving business of Hollywood. For more information on Your Hollywood Pro visit