Viral Video Exposes the Secret Behind Shocking Body Transformations

Vlogger Furious Pete seems so have solved the mystery behind those unbelievable before and after photos we have seen so many times on infomercials for weight loss products and training programs. In this hilarious four minute video, which has received over 3 million hits on YouTube in only three days, Pete demonstrates how to make your body go from flab to fabulous in five hours. His secret? Starting with the after photo. After pumping iron in the gym, tanning himself to a crispy golden brown, and setting up some lighting in his basement Pete transformed his body to look exactly like the countless number of after photos we have seen on television and in magazines. With a little help from photoshop, Pete’s body seemed flawless. To prepare for the before video, Pete chugged two litres of soda, crushed a carton of chocolate milk, and snacked on a bag of potato chips, bloating his stomach to extreme proportions. Pete snapped a photo of himself and the illusion was created. The vlogger kept time on the CNN website throughout his video to prove the entire process only takes about five hours. Check it out below!