Viral Meme Consists Of People Putting Cowboy Hats On Various Objects

(PCM) Yes, the internet is a weird place sometimes! The latest viral meme sweeping across social media consists of people placing cowboy hats on random objects and playing up the catchphrase “What in tarnation?”. Yeah, we don’t really get it either, but the basic premise begins with placing the cowboy hat on a random object of your choosing and then attempting to somehow rhyme the “what in tarnation?” phrase to make it relevant to the object wearing the cowboy hat. See an examples below: There seems to be fascination with the “what in tarnation?” phrase itself, which is generally a phrase of surprise or wonder used by people who reside in the American south or out west, however it was most popular in the days of cowboys. Hey, it’s never too late to bring it back, right? The internet will truly meme anything!