Viral Cat Trick Is Mesmerizing The Internet

(PCM) The internet is going wild over a Tweet posted by Danielle Matheson that features a cat getting into a box-shape that is taped to the floor. The theory, which was originally discovered on Pinterest, says that if you put any type of square shape on the floor your cat will want to sit inside of it. It’s kind of like a cat magic trick and the hilarious part is that it actually appears to be working. There have been several theories posted online that try to explain this whole “cat/box” phenomenon, which initially gained steam back in 2014, however in that particular case the people were using circles rather than taped squares on the floor. Some people felt that the tape on the floor must have some sort of scent that the cats found to be irresistible and they just had to explore. Other felt that cats are just curious creatures and they truly enjoy exploring anything new. Lastly and the most reasonable explanation is that cats just love safe and enclosed spaces. This should be obvious because anyone that has ever owned a cat can tell you that they have definitely found their feline friend stuffed into some very interesting places such as shoe boxes, glass vases, bowls and more. Go ahead and give it a try! For once your cat will actually appear to pay attention to you and follow a command! It’s pretty fascinating!