VIDEO: When Farting Goes Wrong

Jack Vale has made a “living” off of fake-farting in people’s faces and/or talking in “Tiger Blood” talk. (Hey, a check’s a check — I can’t knock a man’s hustle, especially in this economy…even if that man’s hustle involves being a less-funny Dane Cook…as if Dane Cook could get any more lame & unfunny…) Usually, he takes his Bronx cheers to the aisles of Target (I can only hope that Target cuts him a check for all the free publicity…)…but he might want to reconsider his grind after this incident. In this video, Vale “farts” in the face of a woman in a moto-scooter. Her husband, right behind her in a similar moto-scooter, took high offense to this farting in his wife’s general direction (Monty Python references for the win!) and…well…see for yourself…. VALE GETS PWNED!