VIDEO: This Isn’t Going to End Well — Teenage Girls Fight with the NYPD in the Subway

One of the earliest life lessons I was taught after all my years in the music & entertainment industries is as follows: when you’re about to fall, you have one of two options — deny it completely, or go ALL OUT & REALLY MESS YOURSELF UP. The latter, of course, is always preferable, if only so people who told you so in the first place can laugh as you fall face-first. One of the greatest ways to mess yourself up, of course, is to fight with the notoriously-violent NYPD. Now, this is not to say that every member of the NYPD is a thug with a badge. Quite the contrary: many of them maintain law & order in a peaceful manner. It’s just the bad apples that mess it up for the rest of the bunch. More to the point: neither I, nor anyone else on this blog, would ever encourage you to get violent against a law enforcement official. But if you want to see what happens if you do…click HERE.