VIDEO: Meet The Royal Concept!

Rock is a dying breed of music — and that’s a shame, to be sure — but there is a band that I recently came across that gives me hope that rock, as an art, is NOT dead. Ladies & gentlemen, meet The Royal Concept! This band — originally from Stockholm, Sweden — debuted their five-song EP on iTunes earlier this week, and also dropped the video for their first single, “Gimme Twice,” at the same time. As soon as the single hit radio, it became the #1 most added song at Alternative according to BDS. It’s a testament to the track’s sheer catchiness and instant appeal, paving the way for even bigger things to come. The always hard-to-impress Jason Flom — the legendary Lava/Atlantic A&R rep who signed such acts as Kid Rock, Matchbox 20, The Blue Man Group, & Simple Plan — has signed the band to Lava/Atlantic. We can expect to see a lot more from the band in the future! Here is the video for “Gimme Twice.”