VIDEO: Killer Kitty From the Swamps of Florida!

From the swamps of Florida arises a murderous reptilian beast that scientists believe is the closest living relative to the ancient dinosaurs, chomping on babies and living in your sewers, waiting for the precise moment to POUNCE upon your unsuspecting HOOMIN self and show you who’s REALLY boss in this concrete jungle. Unless, of course, you’re the owner of this killer kitty…in which he shows that dastardly gator who REALLY runs this club. Gator gets whooped so badly by Kitty, Gator has to call for reinforcements! But no gator is a match for Killer Kitty from the Swamps of Florida… Peep the video HERE! Kitty seems to be saying, “IMMA MAKE A PAIR OF SHOES OUT OF YOU *AND* ALL YOUR FRIENDS, GATOR! BRING IT, MUCHACHO!”