Verizon vs. AT&T : The iPhone War Begins

With the impending news not far off the radar, Verizon plans to speak to the public today, January 11, 2011, revealing breaking news! After having sent out invitations to area press reporters, Verizon Wireless president Lowell McAdam was promised to be in attendance at this news conference in NYC. Speculation about the iPhone finally hitting the Verizon market has the media and the public in a frenzy and people are certain that this ‘hush-hush’ conference will be strictly about the iPhone. Notorious for dropped calls and reception problems following the release of the iPhone 4G, AT&T should probably be shacking in their boots. Verizon and AT&T have always been in constant battle, and if in fact the rumors are true, this battle should only be taken up a notch. My boyfriend, an iPhone user is obviously a fan of the phone. Who doesn’t love the iPhone? But the coverage, not so much! From dropped calls, to phone calls not even going through, he is constantly upset with the AT&T coverage. And for myself, as a fellow Verizon user, while I settled for the Droid, I was constantly praying and wishing to own an iPhone one day. And guess what?  Today might just be the turning point for me as well as all of you Verizon lovers out there who desperately long for the iPhone! As the clock ticks and the conference is near, there is one thing I do know. Apple’s revenue is going to skyrocket! From AT&T users switching to Verizon (a new phone will need to be purchased), from Verizon users wanting an iPhone, and for all those other phone service users who now will make the switch; the sales of iPhone will be riding high! At 11:00 a.m. tune in to the news for the big conference!

By: Lauren Fleishman