Utah Man’s Wrinkled Shirt Worn During Presidential Meeting Goes Viral


(PCM) Donning a suit and tie for men and a dress for ladies is generally considered the proper formal attire for a meeting with the President Of The United States. Grabbing a wrinkled polo shirt from the back of your closet to wear is probably not the best idea, however that is just what happened to poor Marvin Lance Futch of Salt Lake City, Utah. To give Futch the benefit of the doubt, when he got dressed that day he had no idea that he would sitting at the same conference table as President Obama, however it happened and now the image of Futch and his wrinkly polo shirt has gone viral. Futch was under the initial impression that he was going to hear a “federal official”talk about job creation for vets inside a large auditorium on a Utah Air Force Base. He then found himself seated at the head of the conference table with not only President Obama, but Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah Representative Rob Bishop and the Mayor of Salt Lake City Ralph Becker as well! Futch works for a solar company called Vivint and is also a member of the Air National Guard. The crinkled polo shirt he was wearing had his company logo on it and President Obama did ask him about the company, but did not mention anything about Futch’s not some formal attire. In fairness, we don’t think it looks as bad as people are making it out to be and surely it was an honest mistake of Futch’s and his company. Sources claim that the company misunderstood the request to send a representative from their company and had they known it was going to be a sit-down with the President they would have surely sent their CEO. ┬áIt looks like Futch handled things pretty well and is keeping up his sense of humor about the wrinkled polo shirt and says that now he is even thinking of framing it for memories sake.