Urban Outfitters Sparks Controversy with Yet Another Racist Shirt

Following hot on the heels of their oh-so-appropriate “Obama shirt,” Urban Outfitters is sparking yet another round of controversy with yet another racist shirt. This time, Urban Outfitters has targeted hip-hop. Death & Taxes Magazine has reported that this latest affront to common decency was designed by the pseudo-talents at Local Celebrity for Urban Outfitters — the brand which epitomizes everything that is wrong with the hipster culture. There is, of course, ample “biting” of the culture that they clearly have no concept of (PHAT BEATZ N FRESH STEPPIN’, YO!), but they’re also all-too-happy to cap it off with a “black people like chicken” meme. (Specifically, “0% protein — get some chicken.” Uh. Yeah.) No word on whether the brand will pull this latest disaster off of their shelves — like they did with their Obama shirt — but, even if they do, I’m sure it won’t be long before they’ll have another offensive shirt up for the offer.