Un-Happy Birthday, Mom!

A Fairfield, CT is fighting eviction from the home she has lived in since 1953.  98-yr old Mary Kantorowski was served with eviction papers on her December birthday…by her oldest son, Peter, 71. Peter is reportedly concerned about his mother’s well-being, and had last seen her 8 months prior to the eviction attempt. He said she had appeared to be disoriented and living in poor conditions. Peter owns the house and says that his mother refused to live with him or go to a nursing home. Mary’s husband, John, bought the house in 1953, and worked hard to pay for it as well as make improvements. He told her never to leave the house. John passed away in 1997, and Mary has been paying all the expenses on the home ever since. Mary’s other son, Jack, visits his mother regularly. In fact, he checks on her nearly every day, and says that a visiting nurse from a nearby hospital also comes by regularly. He says his brother is a “scumbag.” Probate court has stopped Peter from trying to sell the house after the eviction papers were served. The case goes to trial in Bridgeport Superior Court on March 2. Peter says he’s not putting his mother out on the street, but thinks that the 98-yr old should be with other people her own age and should also have her meals on time. Scumbag.