Uber’s Use Of Their ‘God View’ Tool Leads To An Investigation


(PCM) An executive at the popular ride sharing company Uber is currently under investigation after he used the company’s ‘God View’ tool to track the movements of a journalist who was on her way to meet him. Johana Bhuiyan, a journalist for Buzzfeed, claims that her movements and activity were tracked without her permission and she along with several others are now looking for answers. Bhuiyan claims that when she arrived at Uber’s Long Island Headquarters in New York, Josh Mohrer, a general manager of Uber New York was waiting for her when she arrived. He reportedly pointed to his iPhone and commented “I was tracking you”. This raises some serious concerns about Uber’s customer privacy policy especially when it comes to geolocation data and information. Uber’s own security policy says that they are not allowed to check a customers riding history and by Mohrer admitting to tracking Bhuiyan they have already broken their own policy. The “God View’ tool is supposedly only available to those employees at a corporate level. In yet another shady encounter with a journalist, who just so happens to also be from Buzzfeed, Uber VP for business, Emil Michael spoke with their editor-in-chief Ben Smith and claimed he wished to unearth and broadcast embarrassing facts about journalists who criticized his company. The conversation with Smith occurred at a dinner party set up by Uber to launch a more cordial relationship with the media, however it has now put Michael under investigation as well. Many people feel that give these recent allegations that Uber is not concerned with the importance of customer privacy. Thus far the company has issued no comment on the investigation.