Twitter= The New Itunes?

Downloading music from the internet is the greatest creation since sliced bread, OK maybe not so much but still true. Recently the task of downloading music has shifted from Itunes to music portals,databases (such as Limewire or Media fire) and even video converting sites such as All of which allow music lovers to enjoy a plethora of songs for the lonely price of free. Although the use of these portals are blatantly illegal the use of the sites are constantly growing. The disadvantage of downloading illegally is the vulnerability of your computer to viruses  and obliviously, you are committing a crime. A scapegoat that many underground music lovers have discovered is finding music on Twitter. Many new and eager artists actually post their music ( for FREE) on twitter and link songs to This hits two birds with one stone where downloaders get free music legally AND are able to explore different styles of music. Often times new artists will follow people similar to them and in return share their self-made tunes. The exchange is growing all over Twitter which is an advantage for those looking to save and change their musical scenery.