Twitter Reveals Plans To Remove 140-character Limit From Direct Messaging


(PCM) I am sure that we have all dealt with the annoyance of Twitter’s 140-character limit especially when it comes to sending out direct messages to friends and followers. The 140-character limit is truly not enough to get your point across, so Twitter has listened to their users complaints and revealed plans to remove the 140-character limit when it comes to direct messaging. The social media giant is now urging users to “go long” with their direct messages to friends and colleagues and according to a Twitter spokesperson users will not have the ability to chat on and on in a single direct message and most likely still have some characters left over to spare. There will be no change made to public tweets as those will still fall under the 140-character limit. The new changes to Twitter’s direct messaging service began its’ initial roll-out today and the company says that it will take a few weeks for the changes to be consistent on all of their various platforms.