Twitter and Snapchat Can Transmit The iPhone Text Crash Bug


(PCM) It now seems that even popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter are not immune for catch the iPhone text crash bug that has been circulating and infecting the iPhone messenger app for the last week or so. A string of characters that were written in Chinese, Marathi and Arabic were sent to iPhone via text message and began crashing the messenger app on phones all across the globe. Apple released a temporary fix that would allow users to get their messenger app back up and running, as well as, remove the infected message, however there has been no software update released to keep the phone from crashing if a user were to receive the text message once again. Now, according to several sources, the text crash message is equally as damaging when sent to the iPhone via social media platforms such as Twitter or Snapchat. If the iPhone user disables notifications from these apps than the phone will be protected from crashing, however both the Twitter and Snapchat apps will both crash if the user receives the malicious text message. Apple says that they are hard at work on an update to protect their devices, but for the meantime users should be aware of any suspicious messages and activity on their phones.