TV Weatherman Cory McCloskey Hilariously Rolls With It After Weather Map Goes Haywire


(PCM) We all know that the state of Arizona can have some absolutely scorching temperatures, but upwards of 2,000 degrees?  That is downright apocalyptic, however that is just one of the haywire temperatures that the weather map featured during a recent news broadcast by weatherman Cory McCloskey. Never missing a beat, McCloskey hilariously continued to roll with the broadcast cracking jokes when suddenly his weather map began showing numbers that were absolutely insane. For example the map showed the city of Ahwatukee, Az at 1270 degrees and McCloskey deadpanned “I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but that temperature seems pretty high”. As the news anchors begin to giggle off camera, McCloskey continued with his jokes saying that Wickenburg that showed a temperature high of 2385 was a “total loss” before referring to several “safe spots” that just so happened to show the correct temperatures. McCloskey is a veteran weatherman and has been with FOX 10 in Phoenix since 2001. The station posted a statement about the incident saying that sometimes live news and technology just doesn’t cooperate, however it is of great importance to have smart people who can think fast on their feet. McCloskey has certainly proved that!  You can watch his hilarious weather broadcast in the video below: