Turkey Recall!

(It was either this picture, or a picture of the effects of salmonella on the human body. Pick your poison, folks…and please believe you do NOT want to see the latter…) On Wednesday, major meat distributor Cargill recalled approximately 36 MILLION POUNDS (or 16 MILLION TONS) of ground turkey after a salmonella scare. The Christian Post is reporting that the plant processed the suspicious fresh and frozen ground turkey products between February 20 and August 2. Cargill has suspended the production of ground turkey in the Springdale, Arkansas, plant until the source of the bacteria strain can be determined. “It is regrettable that people may have become ill from eating one of our ground turkey products and, for anyone who did, we are truly sorry,” Steve Willardsen, president of Cargill’s turkey processing business, said in a written statement. (WELL, GEE, I WOULD HOPE SO, MR. WILLARDSEN!) Customers can return any opened or unopened packages of ground turkey items found on Cargill’s website (www.cargill.com/turkey-recall/) to the stores where they were bought for a refund.