Try To Keep A Straight Face Watching This News Station Report On The ‘Goat Man’


(PCM) We can’t help but keep cracking up while viewing a clip from CTV Winnipeg News, where the anchor can’t control her case of the giggles when reporting on the story of Ig Noble Prize winning “Goat Man”. We don’t blame her, as it is certainly a ridiculous story. A British designer by the name of Thomas Thwaites, spent three days living life as a goat, complete with specially designed prosthetic limbs, in the Alps. The project, which won Thwaites the Ig Noble prize, was conceived as a way to put yourself into the mindset of other creatures. The true hilarity of the video comes in when a clip of Thwaites is shown where he is down on all fours in the grass, nibbling on grass alongside the goat herd. It is at that point in the report that that news anchor begins to lose it and rightfully so!  Such an odd project and too utterly ridiculous to not poke fun at!