Train Windows Can Now Transmit Advertisements Straight To Your Brain

(PCM) On a personal level, I find this to be absolutely terrifying and quite a bit intrusive and if you are thinking this sounds like something directly out of a sci-fi film then you are certainly correct. BBDO, an advertising agency, has developed a technology that will deliver ad’s by shooting the ad or commercial straight into your skull, bypassing the ears completely. When your head is leaning against the glass on the train windows, you will suddenly begin to hear an advertisement playing in your head. The ad’s are inaudible prior to someone’s head resting on the glass, and only after the head makes contact with the glass will you hear the ad through a process known as bone conduction. It can be a little hard to understand, but it all has to do with the way that our brains are able to distort and hear sound. For instance, we all know that we sound bit different when listening to ourselves on a recording rather than when we are actually speaking. This is because our skull distorts some of the sound coming from our voice before we hear it, but when hearing a ┬árecording there is none of the skull distortion so it sounds a bit odd. BBDO, ran a test on a small German commuter train where sleepy commuters resting their heads against the glass heard an ad that no one else could hear for the company Sky Go. Many advertisers seem to be exited by the idea and new technology, but everyday people appear to have their doubts. This is not only an invasion of someone’s privacy, but what if someone trying to take a short nap doesn’t want some sort of ad blasting into their skull…seems reasonable enough to me! Check out the video below, showcasing the new technology and be sure to chime in and let us know what you think!