Top-Selling Magazines of 2010

By: Lauren Fleishman

While we are only days into the start of 2011, people are still buzzing and recapping 2010. From the most shocking celebrity break-ups, to the top-selling albums, the press continues to harp on last year.

Magazines, a hot commodity in the fashion and entertainment world, are yet another topic that seems to be invading media outlets all over. While companies begin to analyze their sales and revenue from the past year, it becomes a known fact as to what A-list celebrities were successful on the covers of magazines and unfortunately, who were not. Not only were the sales of her albums a record high since her entrance into the music business, but Lady Gaga managed to sell “the most issues of magazines in 2010”, according to the Audit of Bureau of Circulations. It was her July 8th, Rolling Stone’s cover that sold the most copies ever for the rock magazine, selling 245,000. Cosmopolitan, a fun, flirty, and risqué magazine sold staggering 1.7 million copies of their April Issue with Gaga gracing the cover. The January cover of Elle magazine was the companies 3rd best selling cover, and once again with Gaga on front. Another celebrity constantly in the limelight and a fan favorite is Kim Kardashian. Beautiful, rich, and all over the media, Kim took center stage on the cover of Shape magazine, which was their highest-selling edition. Her presence on the W cover came in 2nd for highest selling magazine cover, just under Meghan Fox. Allure magazine also requested Kim for their cover, was the company’s 3rd best-selling.

Rihanna, pop-princess and fashion icon had a wonderful year musically, but it was her sexy and sultry GQ that rang in as 2nd best seller of the year over-all in magazine sales. Her November cover on Seventeen magazine was the top-seller through the end of October. Overall, I’d say these women had a successful year not only in their careers, but in sales for all of the covers they graced. From Gaga, to Kim, to Ri-Ri, the commonality among these powerful women is their integrity, determination, and their ability to achieve their goals. Whether their sales were due to provocative covers, or simply because girls and women look up to them, it proves that these women draw sales in all regards. Unfortunately, for our country girl Taylor Swift, while her music sales are sky-high and her ability to sweep up awards across all genres is an easy feat, Taylor did not do so well with magazine sales. Elle has reported that their April 2010 edition was their worst-selling cover; Glamour’s November edition was the 2nd worst-selling, and Marie Claire’s cover of Taylor was their 3rd worst-selling edition. However, Taylor is still a fan favorite, and we are sure that this won’t keep her from being asked to model for covers in the future. As we roll into 2011, we have no doubt that covers of magazines will continue to become more promiscuous, exciting, and of course filled with our favorite celebs. Here’s to a new year in the magazine world! Save