Tom Felton: From the Screen to the Stereo

Lamenting even the idea of the Harry Potter series coming to an end next year? Well, if you are a Draco Malfoy fan, rest assured! You certainly won’t be losing sight of Tom Felton anytime soon. 22-year old Tom Felton, best known for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, not only has four upcoming movies in his IMDB queue (aside from the final two-part installment of Harry Potter), but he has also signed a record deal with independent label Six Strings Productions. Six Strings official Twitter account tweeted confirmation: “Tom Felton has signed and the album is very much on the way.” But this move to music comes as no surprise to Tom’s fans. He’s been singing and playing the guitar under the name of Feltbeats for a while now, creating his own YouTube account to show the songs.  Some of Tom’s music can even be found on iTunes. But if you love his acting, there is no sign that he plans to slow down on that front either, starring in the upcoming movie 13Hrs and having various ties to the films The Apparition, Grace and Danger, Evac, and Rise of the Apes.