Did TIME Magazine Throw Shade At Donald Trump With ‘Person Of The Year’ Cover?

(PCM) It was recently revealed that President-Elect Donald Trump has nabbed the cover of TIME magazine’s 2016 “Person Of The Year” cover, however it is the way that he is depicted on the actual cover that has conspiracy theorists collectively losing their minds. After taking a long hard look at the cover it appears that the placement of the letter “M” in the magazine’s title appears to resemble a pair of devil horns strategically placed directly on top of Donald Trumps head. Now the internet is a abuzz with everything from Illuminati theories to theories that TIME magazine did it purposefully to throw shade in Trump’s direction. TIME is claiming that the cover photo incident is purely coincidental, however others say there is no way this is a coincidence as so much time and effort go into making sure that all the details of a cover shoot are absolutely perfect. The use of photoshop would allow the graphic designers in charge of putting together the cover to slightly adjust the image on the cover slightly to the left or right so that the devil horns would not appear so strategically placed. Those facts certainly lead one to believe that it was not an innocent accident on behalf of the TIME magazine photo editors.  TIME is still defending the cover and cites 35 other times that the cover of their publication appeared to give celebrities devil horns. Let the debate commence!